Invacare Mirage Powerchair

Invacare Mirage Powerchair
The Invacare Mirage is a combination of aesthetics and the latest design principles that offer a modern look as well as a safe and stable drive. Manouvering the chair is extremely easy and accurate. especially in compact or confined spaces.

The Mirage is available in four different seat sizes varying from 35cm to 50cm. Seat comfort is provided by a padded seat and ergonomic width and height adjustable armrests.

A combination of stronger motors, a new generation of electronics and perfect balance make the Mirage extremely powerful and stable when climbing obstacles both with or without a kerb climber. The electronics are programmable for the individual user's preference.

The Mirage is very easy to fold for transportation. The split battery boxes simply slide out, avoiding the awkward lifting position. A 4 point tie down system secures the chair during driving but releases with ease when folding the chair. If required the backrest can be easily removed by loosening two hand wheels.


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