Inflatable Bath Buddy

Inflatable Bath Buddy
Bath Buddy Inflatable Bath Lift

If you have forgotten what it is like to bathe in comfort or to be in a bath where you can lay back and have a long leisurely soak, try the Bath Buddy inflatable bath lift. The Bath Buddy is one of the few bathlifts that enable you to have a complete bathing experience, lay back and fully enjoy a full uncluttered bath.

It is so easy - Simply press the soft touch button on the hand control, you will be gently lowered to the very bottom of your bath. You will always be in control, so when you want to re- inflate the Bath Buddy lift simply press the up button and you will be lifted smoothly and gently out of your bath.

All of the Bath Buddy lift fittings are soft - ensuring your complete comfort while bathing. A lumbar support adds stability and this perfect inflatable bath lift also has a secure non slip seat pocket.

The Bath Buddy fits strait in the bath, requiring no installation. When finished the bath Buddy simple lifts out for easy storage.


Height - Standard 380mm (15") / Tall 455mm (18")
Max user weight 127kg (20st)
A carry bag is also available
The hose detaches from the compressor for storage

Please note: Clients must ensure they have the ability to maintain upper trunk control in order to use the bath Buddie. If in doubt please give us a ring.


Please contact us with any enquiries at: Bee Mobile LTD.
Telephone: 01223 246425 or 01223 213042